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The company
The company San Romano was born in the early nineties in the heart of the hills of Dogliani, starting a progressive and steady re-qualification of old vineyards, about three hectares, through the recovery of whatever was acquired in semi-abandoned conditions at that time. Since the beginning, the first part of the cellar for vinification was built, while in the following years, the already existing vineyards were restructured and new Dolcetto vines were planted.

Starting from the mid-nineties, San Romano has collaborated with oenologist Beppe Caviola, an important figure in the national oenological panorama..

Today, the San Romano estate amounts to about 8.5 hectares of vineyards, two thirds of which are Dolcetto, the most popular grape variety in the Langa area. Since the beginning up to now, the San Romano cellar has constantly grown, driven by a distinctive, high quality project.

Quality, tradition and innovation

In order to ensure a top quality level, we chose to follow two paths, apparently opposite to each other. On one hand, in the vineyard, we decided to go back to the traditional methods, by using almost exclusively copper and quarry sulphur-based treatments. In some cases, treatments are combined with biological pest control, and the use of chemical herbicides is categorically excluded. Several times throughout the year, we prune some bunches of grapes in order to favour quality over quantity. The energy of the plants is now all for the remaining grapes. Experience teaches us that, especially in the vineyard, the sun and the earth are the basis of a great wine.

On the other hand, in the cellar we employ innovative techniques. Maceration is carried out in thermo-controlled stainless steel tanks. Thanks to winter cold, one clarifying process with albumin from egg white and rackings between the various operations, we are able to bottle the wine without filtering it.

Thanks to these procedures, our wines preserve their own bouquet, colour and flavour without undergoing forced processes.

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Photos by: Tino Gerbaldo